[The photo of myself at the waiting room of the clinic on the day of colonoscopy exam – I was wearing the paper gown & the thick socks clinic provided which I was told not to wear any shoe.]

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

It has been a week since my colonoscopy (+ upper GI endoscopy) exam was completed. I did receive the biopsy result yesterday which basically had “no problem.” One thing from the result – my stomach is mild reactive gastritis body – recalled me that I used to have stomach ache so many occasions which mostly was coming from my stress. I was wondering & worried about my stomach issues because of my grand mother who passed away with the stomach cancer at the age of 36. But now, I totally understand where my those stomach aches came from and how healthy overall of my stomach by the endoscopy exam.

[The Part 1, and 2 are available.]

“Would you actually like to take your upper GI endoscopy besides colonoscopy?” – The first thing came up with my mind was “I don’t want to pay the extra ridiculous amount of money for it!” As you all know that the medical cost of the US can be really, super, crazy expensive. You never want to see a doctor if you don’t have any insurance, period (lol). I remember that I had to pay around $500.00 when I went to see a doctor which I was diagnosed with a flu with strep throat about 20 years ago. Of course, my colonoscopy exam would be covered by my insurance, but no one could imagine how the additional exam would cost, right? It is kinda sad to think that the money is the primary decision factor whether or not you want to (can) take medical treatments… not your physical condition.

Anyways, after some discussions/negotiations between my care team (doctors/nurses) and my insurance company, I could take the extra endoscopy exam along with the colonoscopy. Well, I just wanted to get it all done asap. I was already exhausted and really sleepy after the tough preparation & the longer wait time. In fact, I’ve never experienced any serious treatments such as surgery and the exams like colonoscopy before so that I was probably more nervous than usual.

I finally walked to the exam room which totally looked like a modern operation room with all those machines & monitors I only saw in some movies & TV shows. I was more curious than becoming scared so that I looked around carefully to see what kind of equipments and tools they were supposed to use for the exam. I was treated like the patient who was getting ready for a serious operation… all my vitals stated monitored, took some anesthetic medications which soon put me into a deep sleep for a while. When I realized (woke up), the exam was basically over (about 30-40 min. long). It was a definitely unnatural sleep which I would say the state of “faint.” Then, I was moved to a “recovery” room where I stayed about 30+ minutes to get rest and recover from the sedation.

My boss at work did come to pick me up at the clinic. Patients are not allowed to go home by themselves, and they cannot call a cab either because of the sedation which may make them unable to direct/make decisions. I was lucky to have my boss who actually did take the same exam at the same clinic before and happened to live near there.

It was an interesting experience. My result was pretty good and I would not need to go back to the same exam for another 10 years or so. The exam itself was really easy (well, it was just a deep sleep), but the preparation was the hardest part. I imagine it must be very difficult for those older people. The good thing to take such a serious exam is to recognize how important and precious to have the healthy physical body. I would like to keep the body as healthy as possible.

Hopefully, you all stay healthy and safe as well!









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