Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

The first week of the new year was, to me, rather challenging one. My first ever colonoscopy happened yesterday. Those of you ever had this procedure totally understand how hard this exam would be not the actual procedure but the preparation.

I took my physical exam last month and found out that my hemoglobin rate was way too low (anemia level) which was caused mostly by the iron deficiency. The iron deficiency is pretty common issue among many women (because of the menstruation), but with my age, there can be more serious issues such as stomach/colon cancer (tumors and/or polyps). Those tumors in your upper or (especially) lower GI can be bleeding which take a substantial amount of hemoglobin out of your body.

Anyways, I thought I would take this (rather scary) procedure sometime in the middle (or near the end) of 2021 because of the pandemic. The world is currently suffering by the disease COVID-19 and there won’t be any room for this quite healthy person to do such an extra (rather luxurious) exam at any hospital/clinic what-so-ever! However, I got the appointment date which was amazingly early which I had to (kinda) sacrifice my special Japanese new year’s meal extravaganza. Yes, I had to start the dietary restriction a week before the procedure which was from January 1st!! Oh, My, God!! Yes, I had to miss all the new year’s special cuisine because of the colonoscopy!!

Well, the fist week of 2021 had become the really tough one for me… the first week of my work with so so so many packages from our vendors (I physically had to go my work place everyday, and I have to do it until the end of this month), and I had to limit my diet really drastically – no seeds (all berries, sesame, spices), no row vegetables (including avocados) & fruits (except ripe banana), no tough cooked vegetables, no fibrous food, no dried fruit, no meat substitutes made with whole grains (nuts and seeds), no popcorn, no pickles and olives, etc., etc…. AGHHHH!! In fact, I was too busy checking news about the insurrection against Capitol Hill to think about my tasks and foods, lol.

Oh well, my rumblings became a little longer than usual. I will write more about this later. Please have a nice weekend, friends!








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