Sign and New Year’s gift☆サインとお年玉

Hello, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!!

The year 2021 has come to us in the physical world🌎 Hopefully, you all will see lots of lights & beautiful moments in the new chapter of this dimension. At least, please take a great rest, be cozy & relaxed 🙂

I did stay in my bed till almost noon on the first day of January. Yes, that is one of my truly favorite things even though I wish to change the favorite to “get up early and be active!” so so so many times. I guess this favorite will keep going for a while. Oh, I saw a few pretty spooky (but kinda adventurous) dreams while I was sleeping which I may share with you sometime in near future if I see any connections to my physical life.

So, I’ve been relaxing, checking some news on SNS, having snacks, and writing this blog. Then, I’ve realized there were several “3-digit” around me since I woke up. One of my new routines – checking NYT morning newsletter which had sent to me on 3:33… hmm. It was a nice set of briefings for the first day of this new year, but I didn’t catch any particular sign/news for me there (I thought). At least, the number “3” has the special meaning to me (Certain number has certain message to me) which made me smile. Then, I happened to look up my iPhone which showed me “2:22″…. hmmmm. I usually do not see such triple/four digit numbers consecutively within a few hours. In general, such digits tell you the answer is “Yes, go for it” and/or “You are doing fine” which are (mostly) from your guardian spirits (some says they are from your guardian angles).

Well, I am doing fine now anyways. May be these are for my 2021…? It is sometimes unclear what the numbers are really telling me for.

Then, I happened to check my bank account and found out that I’ve got New Year’s gift from IRS. It was a fun surprise on the first day of the year (I knew it would be happening some point, but I didn’t expect to be that quick). That reminds me of a Japanese tradition: Children usually get some money in the special envelope (cute & seasonally decorated) from parents/relatives as the New Year’s gift. Yes, it is truly the first day of the new year.









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