Gadgets & curiosity☆ガジェットと好奇心

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

So, here is my own Christmas gift (source: my bonus, lol)🎉

Actually, I did get the SE instead of Series 6 (I don’t really care much about the difference). This was the item I thought I would NEVER get one for myself, LOL. I usually do not wear any watch since it does bother me when I play the drums. I have a few really great (expensive) watches, but none of them has ever been used unfortunately. Plus, I never felt that I needed to have a watch to check time because I have been working at the place where I could see time everywhere (PC, wall-clock, my smartphones).

However, I did find the best use of this Apple Watch – yes, to pay (using Apple Pay) at stores & supermarkets. With this watch, I don’t have to pull a credit-card/money out from my wallet or look for my iPhone in my bag anymore. Easy, smart and clean (This is really the important part especially during this pandemic time)!! I tried to experience it a few days ago, and I was totally excited and enjoyed this super easy/clean way to pay at the casher machine.

Of course, it does work so well with my fitness app in Oculus Quest 2 which can check my heart rate so that I can see the condition pretty well. I was never interested in “fitness” stuff, but I have been working out everyday since the VR system came to my place. There are many reasons why I am so enthusiastic about the fitness app, VR system and the watch, but the main reason is that my curiosity does drive me to keep myself moving, working out, and setting all details.

I know I do not like to learn completely unknown digital stuff, read the instruction, and jump into something I’ve never experienced before. I would prefer somewhat I feel familiar/comfortable with, of course. As people get older, it should be the natural way… that’s what I was thinking.

Well, I guess not in my case. With my new scooter, VR game, Apple Watch…. I still move myself purely strongly by my curiosity. I like to try out! I am so interested in checking this out!! How do I feel if I try this out?! Yes, such things often have some challenging moments (such as this, lol), but I know the moment my old world becomes totally refreshed and ready for the new world! The experience! the sensation!!

This tiny tool can change my view tremendously. Yes, I am such an easy person 🙂 I do enjoy my life with continuous curiosity. How about you?


世の中はメリクリ🎄で、私も自分にクリスマスプレゼント🎁を・・・と買ってしまったのが「Apple Watch SE」です。正直言って、リンゴ屋🍎のユーザーとしては「これだけは絶対買わない!」と思っていたグッズでしたwww5年ほど前にバンド仲間が着けているの(初代)を見て「ダッサー💥」と思いましたし、そもそもドラマーには時計はジャマで不要でした。両親や親戚などから頂いた立派✨な腕時計も数点持っていますが、使う機会のないままに電池切れでお蔵入りしています💧


きっかけは、コロナ💦でタッチレスのお会計を模索していたところからでした。こちらでは早々にカードでの会計がスーパーなどでも標準化されていますが、パスコードなどの入力も必要ない、かざすだけでOKなシステムへと変化してきました。私も出来るだけパネルなどにも触れたくないので半年ほど前からApple Payを使い始めまして、「これは便利だ〜!」と思っていたところで今回のWatchへ繋がったのでした。「腕時計だったらわざわざバッグからスマホを出すこともなくピッ!で会計出来るではないか?!」・・・それで先日早速こちらのスーパー2軒で試してみました。いや〜〜〜、何で今まで使わなかったんだろう、と思うくらいの簡単&スマートっぷりwwでしたよ。ちなみに(いつ使うのかは謎ですがw)Suicaも仕込んだwので、日本でもスイッスイ〜💨とこのApple Watchで改札を通れます♪何て便利なのっ!!💖





Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session(現在は日本語オンリーです)

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