Hello, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Do you wear/have any amulets or lucky charms? Many of them can be a jewelry or some accessaries you’ve been wearing for a long time. Some people (like mediums or spiritual guru type people…?) may carry a hard-core amulet. I’ve seen a few medium-like ladies who did wear a huge gem stone necklace & rings when I went to Shasta before. They actually reminded me of my former life a bit (lol) which I used to be one of such ladies and had such jewelries & amulets for myself.

Because of such memories (really faded though) of mine, I do love to wear some rings even though they totally bother me to play the drums (I have to take most of them off). Since the COVID pandemic really started, I’ve been wearing a pair of gloves even during the summer time, and yet I’ve been wearing my rings under the gloves even though no one would ever see them. One of such rings does actually have a strong power of protection which one of my old friend (who happens to be a medium) used to tell me. Besides that, I also wear some Jomon related items (necklace & bracelet) which are supposed to protect and give comforts to mainly Jomon descendants. My current physical body contains some strong Jomon genes which would be the reason why such items would do work for me. Yes, I just experienced one interesting incident yesterday.

Yesterday, I was riding on my scooter and suddenly, the front wheel did stuck on the edge of the curve which had a slight gap. I lost my control and totally fell on the ground (That was my first time ever falling to the ground by scooter!). I could have broken a bone or two…. but I just felt somehow “flying and landing softly” on the ground (The second I realized on the ground completely laying face down though). Then, I re-rode the scooter again since I was totally fine without major pain or anything. Later, I realized that my bracelet (made of Jomon stones) was gone. “Oh, no! did I loose the amulet?!” I immediately turned back to the place I fell down and found the parts of broken bracelet and scattered stones. I did gather all stones and re-assembled after I went home. I thought I had missed one or two stones, but the bracelet I re-assembled is now becoming the perfect fit to my wrist again.

Next day, I finally noticed that my both knees were totally bruised and the left elbow had a little scar (probably by a hard hit against the ground). However, they have not interfered any of my regular activity at all. I was just surprised that the falling could have made me way more damages than I have now (which is almost nothing). I think… my amulet did work for me to protect my physical body.

Of course, it is not just by the small tool… I might be helped by my guardians and/or Shamballa friends too. In any case, I feel pretty thankful and still love to keep riding on my scooter (no fears)!









Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session(現在は日本語オンリーです)

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