Doctor’s call☆医者からコール

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Last night, I’ve got a phone call from my doctor… not in Shamballa, real physical world. Of course, I was pretty surprised. “How come my doctor calls me all of a sudden in the evening? Hmmm… bad news?” You would think so, right? I did think so too!!

Well, I did take a physical check-up last week as the final part of my check-up tour which I haven’t done for more than 5 years (I did write about my mammography exam – by the way, the result was just normal without any concerning issues). My doctor was a pretty nice lady and we had a good time talking about my new VR game. Oh well, we of course talked about my health stuff too. I did go through all regular physical check-ups with my blood test. The test results came in yesterday and she called me in the evening.

My result overall was just fine except the amount of hemoglobin was a little too low from the normal range. My doctor said “That’s almost anemic.” Hmmm, I currently don’t have any noticeable issue by the low hemoglobin though this can be pretty bad if I don’t do anything. As many of you know, women tend to get more anemic because of their menstruation. I’m sure my case should be pretty much it, but I thought I was trying to eat the iron-contained foods except red meats & livers which would be the best/easiest food solution. Oh well…. anyways, my doctor prescribed an iron supplement for me to take at least for a month or so. Since I don’t eat red meat/liver almost at all, I have to take the supplement for a while to see how the number becomes normal.

In any case, I was really amazed that my doctor called me for my hemoglobin rate during this pandemic (lock-down) time! It is somewhat nicer to feel & act like “normal life” than a course of abnormalities. Besides hemoglobin, my physical body was pretty healthy & normal like other human beings 🙂








Magic Circle TreatmentTalk Session (現在は日本語オンリーです)

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