Winter Holidays☆冬休み

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I’ve been working hard at my work last week before the winter holidays since we will have a long winter-off during the pandemic + lockdown situation. I was also working on some Shamballa-related projects including “Let’s All Sing Together” and “Enjoy Life Basic Final (aka Magic Circle seminar).” Those work & projects did keep me busy in the physical world, but one small toy did really open the door for me to an amazing world – Virtual Reality.

I’ve got Oculus Quest 2 recently. I didn’t know anything about VR game stuff since I totally stopped watching TV & playing video games (I used to have PS, PS2, Nintendo GameCube, Wii, etc.). But I was really interested in trying it out since one of my talk-session partners talked to me into the VR games being super cool and realistic. My main motivation towards VR was to try out some exercise apps in order for me to get a better shape especially during this Winter holidays. I could easily imagine how awful I would be spending a few weeks of just easting, sleeping without any exercise at home in this lockdown situation.

It has been less than a whole week since I started Quest 2, and I’ve already been totally amazed by the technology!! Quest 2 is not just a game console but also a tool for us to explore & experience places we haven’t even imagined to be before as close to be realistic as possible. I did try out some 360° YouTube videos and I totally felt like I was “there” such as sunrising at Grand Canyon, skiing at Manmmoth Lake, being a pilot of Blue Angels (I almost got the motion sickness, lol), feeling so close to the winter scenery of Plitvice Lakes National Park (This is one the places I really really wanted to go!!), etc., etc. It is super cool! I’m so glad to find out about this VR world at this time which I will have more time to enjoy the adventure.

Oh, my exercise stuff? Of course I have been working on it really hard! I started subscribing the Super Natural which is a beautiful and fun exercise app which has made me really sweat & given me the full body ache for a few days, lol! This app is not just an exercise body parts but also meditation, stretching, and working on our mindfulness. I happened to find this app and started pretty casually, but I guess (in this time again) I did the right choice.

My winter workout holidays have begun.



実はそれだけでなく、ちょっと気軽に入手してみたおもちゃwが物凄かった😱という事もありましたが・・・。それは、「Oculus Quest 2(オキュラス・クエスト)」というVR(ヴァーチャル・リアリティ)のゴーグルです。Talkセッションでゲームの話(英語セッションですw)をしていた時に参加者の方からVRゲームの話が出て、最近はVRコンソールも入手し易くなったというお話を伺いました。私は知る人ぞ知る「ポンコツ💥ゲーマー」(初代ファミステからPS、PS2、ゲームキューブやWiiなどを所持していました)だったのですが、TVとゲーム機を処分してからはすっかりそちらの世界からは遠ざかっておりました。





Magic Circle TreatmentTalk Session (現在は日本語オンリーです)

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