Warm happiness☆暖かい幸せ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

The first day of December 2020, I had a mammography appointment 😦 I know it is not fun at all plus I would rather not to get any closer to hospital/clinic stuff especially in these days. I thought my appointment would even be cancelled due to the current COVID situation; however my appointment never was cancelled nor postponed.

Anyways, everything was pretty smooth, well-organized and clean in & out of the clinic I went today. Before even entering the building, I was asked a few COVID related questions, checked temperature, then handed a better mask to wear. In fact, I decided to wear the double masks at the places like hospitals & supermarkets where more people (can be infected) gathering.

For a long time, I was kinda against taking mammography because of the radiation. I had the last one really a long time ago (more than 5? years ago) which went smooth and I had no issue found by the test. But I became more and more against checking up so often to find any small details from my body. So, I have tried not to see doctors for a while. This year, my doctors group finally started calling me to take all physical check-ups which I was totally amazed. I mean, this is the year of pandemic yet my doctors still ask me (pretty healthy) to take the physical?! Well, ok! I would take whatever tests I need to do!! So here I was.

I did check-in and saw my radiologist. She brought me to a room to change my top to a gown the clinic provided. I started taking my sweater & shirts off, and grabbed the gown…. “Wow, it’s pretty warm!!” yes, the gown was well-heated prior to hand me. It was pretty chilly morning (about 4℃ = 39°F), but I’ve never experienced such a nice & warm treatment at the place like clinic before. I always had to wear a cold & old gown at hospitals/clinics. It was amazing especially during such a crazy time! A warm gown?! It made my day!

So, my mammography experience was as painful as you could imagine (lol), but I was really happy to have such a nice treatment. It might be a small thing, but I totally felt the sense of kindness as well as composure despite of the world of pandemic. I am glad I did have such a happy feeling 🙂









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