Stay healthy☆健康でいること

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Are you all staying healthy? The COVID-19 pandemic has been hitting hard again (the 3rd wave?) which we are seeing pretty serious situations on a daily basis.

The number of case in the US where I physically reside currently has been deadly growing without any immediate relief from the government. I really respect what & how the places like New Zealand and its government have been reacting to the situation. Well, I understand that such a success needs not just the governmental power/organization but also the deep understanding & awareness by the people. Many American still feel that “wearing mask” is a sign of slavery which they think is against the person’s dignity. The people who live in the crowded city area would easily understand the concept of “public health,” but those who have lived in the rural area would hardly ever understand it.

Anyways, my work place & neighborhood have been fortunately doing a pretty good job preventing & securing us as much as possible. I still take a weekly PCR test (free) in order to go to my work place, and we keep some strict rules to keep social distance inside & outside of any buildings we go to (of course we all wear masks/face coverings).

We are basically allowed to hang out with friends (as small number as possible though), but I haven’t seen my friends in person for more than 6 months. I can still see & talk with them using some meeting apps so that we can catch up, plus I do hang out with my other friends in Shamballa so that I haven’t felt lonely for a long time.

I hope you all will stay healthy and really protective about your own physical & mental health. It is another good time to look at yourself a little more carefully to find out what you really like, feel good about instead of just wasting/killing time by watching so many TV shows (well, I know there are many good shows out there though!).

Have a good, healthy and safe week!!









2 thoughts on “Stay healthy☆健康でいること

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  1. 健康でいること。素敵な記事でした。私も近所の公園の壁を利用して一人サッカーで汗をかいてメンタル健全に努めています。お陰で個人技レベルアップ進行中です。

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    1. コメントありがとうございます♪ホントに健康は肉体と精神の両方が程良く保たれていてこそ!!ですね( ^ω^ )サッカーの技☆カッコイイですね〜♪お身体には気をつけて、楽しくお過ごし下さい! -Shire


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