Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

Over the course of 25+ years in the US, I had several times living without any medical insurance. It was interesting that I did get some serious sickness especially during such times, and of course I had to pay a substantial amount to see a doctor.

Now, I have been taking a “free” COVID surveillance test (PCR) almost every week which my work place has been offering to their employees. I’ve got a phone call the other day from the clinic to take a physical exam as well. It is amazing and such a great relief & security especially during this fearful & unstable time.

I think, like those Scandinavian countries, everyone should be able to access proper medical cares for free of charge or with an affordable, minimum co-pay only. If I say stuff like this, some people may call me a socialist or something. Yes, that’s totally fine with me. Based on what I’ve been experiencing and with my current (rather super fortunate) situation, I would really like to have the proper medical cares for everyone.

My current environment really makes me feel comfortable and stress-free because I know I’m secured. Even if I ever got COVID, I would get proper care immediately and I could stay home/hospital without fear of losing my job and/or proper medication.

Everyone needs such a security. Everyone should be protected as an important member of the society in this planet. Medical care should not be a privilege for only certain people (In fact, I believe Education should be accessible to everyone too).

Since I started accessing Shamballa, the medical team has been checking & taking care of my condition (in both Shamballa & the physical world) so that I’ve been feeling pretty secured without physical exam in the physical world for more than 5 years (no medication, no supplement, no extra stuff has been used during the time). I’m curious to see how the doctor in this dimension will tell me at the next exam.









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