Diary: October 3rd, 2020

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

It is now October, 2020. It has been 7 months since my work place suddenly shut down and almost everyone started working from home. People’s everyday life in my neighborhood (and most part of the country even) has been way too far away from what they used to feel “normal.” I hope all my friends keep staying healthy, safe and most importantly abundant in the inner universe.

On the contrary, I have been really enjoying my “everyday life” quite a lot.

I wake up in the morning around 6am, and go to work 3 days per week (2 days – work at home). I do bring my own lunch mostly but I like to buy something different from cafes still open around my work place once a week which is about the only “take-out food” made by someone else but me. I go home around 6-6:30pm and finish my dinner before 8pm. I check different news via SNS, write Email replies & blog entries, watch a few videos and play a little video games. Then I go to bed around midnight. That has been my days in the physical world. What? does it sound too boring to you?

No, not at all to me! You know, I’ve been living my “ups & downs” so much with my music activities. I really wanted to live a “regular” life for a long time. Since I moved my new place last year, I have been a little more careful to look at myself not to forget this precious “everyday life” especially because my life in Shamballa has become more active than before.

What I think and I act in Shamballa (= my subconsciousness) DO really affect my physical life. It is hard to explain (since this is the aria of unconsciousness/subconsciousness which we are normally unaware of), but it is true that what you experience in the physical world do relate to the thoughts/ideas your subconsciousness desires. If it is an unpleasant event to you, you would like to listen to yourself really carefully why you feel such a way and what you truly want to do.

At least, my long time dream has all been realized with the very unique circumstances. I’m happy now to be able to recognize it with my physical consciousness.








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