More trial and error☆更に試行錯誤

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

It has been about 10 days I was away from writing my blog. Well, I was really focusing on my “Talk Session-Special, Vol.3” which was held on last Sunday, the 27th. Thank you very much for those of you who participated the session! And, I’m sorry for my friends who have been waiting to check out my room for a new post.

About 4 month ago, I did write about my trial and error regarding the computer/mobile softwares and learning the systems. Since then, I have actually got 2 smartphones (1 for my work, 1 for my Shamballa-related stuff) and I really enjoy using them. I thought it would be more complicated and confusing to use the 2 phones fluently which anyone could imagine easily.

However, I do feel pretty good with them having the same apps and sharing information between. I used not to prefer such an ambiguous way of using such devices – I preferred to make one device for an “exclusive” purpose which the apps would never be duplicated between 2 phones/tablets. I guess I used to like to make my tools & devices be the designated ones otherwise I thought would not need different devices when one could serve all purposes. Well, I do understand now that PC, tablet and smartphones do have their own strength and weakness when we use the same app so that it is absolutely fine to download the same app for different devices based on the purpose and usability. It is fun to see myself becoming more flexible with such different systems and apps/softwares.

I’ve been still searching for a different meeting platform to fulfill my needs for “Talk-Session.” I thought I would not prefer changing it so often (I’ve already tried several different systems such as Whereby, Skype, Line, Google Meet, Slack and Zoom) because it would confuse both myself and participants. I would rather settle with one great app/software for a long time so that everyone gets comfortable to participate the session.

Then, I have realized those apps/platforms all have so many pros and cons which have been pretty challenging for me to find “This is it!” I’ve read many reviews, and tried to learn & use them carefully. I’m not so good (happy) to learn new app one after another, but I probably do not mind when it comes to something I’ve been really focusing on (Talk-session, at this stage).

It is fun to find myself in a (almost) different personality. I never imagined I would be focusing on & trial and error for such a (rather complicated to me) area of learning.



私はコンピュータやタブレット、スマホなどのデバイスを「そのデバイスでしか使えない」究極の、唯一の設定またはシステムで使用することを長年希望してきました。これはデバイスだけではなく、自分自身も含め「唯一の(One and Only)」というオリジナルでいたい!と思っていたのでしょう(いや、生まれている時点でオリジナルなのですけどね😅)。スマホだったらスマホでしか使えない機能をフル活用!なのでスマホを2台にしたら、アプリのシェアなどはとんでもない!その「お役目」に特化したスマホ設定にすべきで、そうでないと2台持つ意味がなかろう、とガッチガチに考えていました。



ちなみに、これまでTalkセッションで使用、試験的に使ってきたアプリ&プラットフォームは、Whereby(ウェアバイ)、Skype(スカイプ)、LINE(ライン)、Google Meet(グーグル・ミート)、Slack(スラック)、そして今回Zoom(ズーム)を採用しています。いやー💦本当一長一短で難しいです。



Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session (現在は日本語オンリーです)

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