Weight control-2☆ダイエット-2

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I did write about my weight issue in Shamballa on this post back in February. Do you remember it?

Anyways, I thought (seriously) of doing some weight control stuff like checking calories, eating less, continuous exercises, and so on. But you know who I am (lol), I LOVE eating and being lazy!! Of course I couldn’t do any of such strict stuff at all, hahahaha!

Oh well…. so, I actually started 16/8 intermittent fasting a few month ago. This is a simple way to control my eating habit which just limits within the 8-hour window during the day and fasting for the remaining 16 hours. I set my eating hours between noon – 8pm which has been working pretty well with my current schedule.

I didn’t push too hard and I did actually eat a lot in the beginning since my body really became starved during the 16 hours. Then, I feel pretty comfortable now and definitely see some benefits. My brain has become clearer during my work hours, I have got a really quality night sleep, and my skin/digestion has become even healthier.

I didn’t expect to lose weight at all since I was actually eating a lot during the 8 hours as I mentioned above. When I checked my weight record yesterday (my scale links to the app to record weight on a daily basis), I actually have lost 9lbs (4kg) since February without noticing.

So, I guess my weight control task has been going well, right? I hope my health in Shamballa has been improving as well.



シャンバラ自分のためとはいえ、肉体の大きな楽しみである「食べる事」を我慢するのは限りなく無理、と思い知りました。そこでたまたまTwitterで体験談が目に入った「16/8 ダイエット」を始めてみることにしたのです。それが約二ヶ月前のことでした。リンク先を読んで頂けるとお分かりですが、これはダイエットというより食事療法に近いものがあります。







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