Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Last Wednesday (9th), SF Bay Area including my neighborhood became the orange world. I did share some of my photos on Instagram.

After this, until today, the AQI (air quality index) of my area had been extremely bad all day everyday (PM2.5 had been 150 to a little over 200 = unhealthy to very unhealthy level). I went to see my hair-stylist on Friday the 11th, but other than that I pretty much stayed inside all those days. My work place had also been closed the entire offices and everyone had to work from home.

The state official has been telling us that the actual level of pollutants have been much worse than the ones in the 2018-2019. I remember that I actually had the throat pain and a hard time breathing even inside of my room during the 2018 & 2019 wildfires.

However, I had no problem breathing & living in my room during the past 7 days (I don’t have any air-purifier at home). I didn’t have any pain and cough. I didn’t smell any smoke at all despite the AQI being so high + ashes & smokes had been covering all day long.

2 days ago, I went outside briefly to pick-up my mails and realized how actually smokey it was! I could not stay too long (within 5 minutes) and run back into my room as soon as I checked my mail-box. Then, I felt that my room was really comfortable and clean without any air conditioner, purifier, or fan.

Only difference I can imagine is that my room has been set the magical barrier pretty strongly. Hmmmmm, the barrier might have worked as an air-shield…? Anyhow, I’ve been pretty safe and healthy, and we finally had a super clean & gorgeous day today! Yay!!









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