A house in my memory☆思い出の家

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I used to visit my grandma’s house with my mother every Saturday for more than 10 years since I was really small like 5 or 6 years old. My mother was taking a tea ceremony & flower arrangement lesson from my grandma at that time (She later became a teacher too). I had so many memories at that place so that I saw it in my dream repeatedly even after she passed away and I moved to the US.

In my dream, I saw my grandma at her house many times in the beginning which she didn’t seem to recognize her own death and I could not really tell her the fact. She was always smiling and very nice to me (in the dream) which I was totally given comfort while I was having extremely hard time at my music school in NYC.

Several years later, I found out that I could not find her in my dream at her house anymore. I looked for her everywhere in & around the house, but the house was just the same without her. I did spend some time (in my dream) there just wondering around, checking out some Japanese sweets for a tea ceremony (she used to prepare them for her lesson), trying to cook something at her kitchen, and/or just lying down on the floor and listening to the wall clock loudly ticking… but I could not see her at all.

Many years later, after I found out about Shamballa, I did ask Shamballa staff about my dream. They said that my grandma was no longer in Shamballa (that’s why she didn’t show up in my dream at all) and was getting ready for the reincarnation which was a really special case because people usually take tens & hundreds years to go into the next life cycle (except those who commit suicide). My grandma was born to support me as her life mission (according to Shamballa) so that her life cycle was altered, and now her cycle is adjusted and bring her to normal reincarnation which she may have already been born in the physical world by now.

After I heard the story, I haven’t seen her house in my dream at all. But I saw it again yesterday while I was taking a nap. It was pretty realistic except I looked about 7~8 years old in my dream. Again, I didn’t see my grandma (of course), but I saw my late cats there! I was checking their litter box and thinking to buy more litter and cat foods. I woke up when I tried to go outside (from her house).

It was pretty interesting and quite surprise to me. I know my cats are gone and I did create them (their images) with my sense energy in my dream, but they seemed pretty comfortable at my grandma’s place which made me smile. Well, may be the house is my MagicBox where I can keep my memories (of this physical life) lively. I may be able to find it somewhere in Shamballa, but I honestly do not want to share the space with anyone even with my adviser.









Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session(現在は日本語オンリーです)

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