Hello, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

This is the first post in September, 2020… Oh well, I’ve been pretty active with my tasks both in Shamballa and the physical world. My everyday life has been pretty much normalized as it used to be like pre Covid-19 pandemic despite so many changes & updates of the regulations and restrictions. Hopefully you all keep up and stay in your “center” as much as possible.

We had another ELBF (as known as a “Magic Circle seminar”) last Sunday by the priest in Shamballa which covered the new magic circle formation to cut the negative energy from the past life. I may write about it with my view of the past lives (reincarnation) sometime in near future, but today I would like to write about the practice.

Every teacher in Shamballa (and the physical world) tells me that the practice (+ continuous experiences) is the only way for me to really acquire the skill and open up/realize the true ability. I believe you all agree with this, yes?

About 30 years ago, I suddenly started practicing the drumset right after I entered a music school as a classical percussionist in NYC. I was just a perfect amateur drummer which I could not move my hands and foots differently at the same time at all. I started taking the drumset lesson from a student at my music school, but I thought it would be just for fun in the beginning.

As I wrote the story before, I ended up switching my major from the classical to jazz/commercial music percussion and working professionally as a drumset player instead of a percussionist. Yes, I did practice the instrument frantically especially during the time I was in NYC. Despite such a devotion to the instrument, my drumset technique didn’t improve as much as I wished to be. Honestly, I didn’t want to graduate the school after 4 years of my course of study since I never felt that I could reach the professional level as a drummer. 4 years were not enough even though I had been practicing 5 to 8 hours on a daily basis.

I’ve done several professional recordings, a ton of live shows and finally felt comfortable to say “I’m a drummer”… after 20+ years. I could never imagine this day would come when I started practicing since I was so so so bad!

Now, I do feel often hitting the wall when I practice a magic circle formation and/or when I try to look/hear/feel things in Shamballa. I’ve been working on my extra-sense (psychic sense) for a few years. The process and the practice are, to me, exactly the same as when I was practicing my drums. It is a pretty slow progress and is hardly able to see the bright side.

You may think the practice of the physical stuff and the psychic sense are totally different. I don’t think so. Magic circle really works better when I practice and gain the experiences. My sense in Shamballa is definitely clearer than what it used to be 5 years ago.

Yes, only 5 years (of Shamballa experience consciously). It was almost nothing I could show when I was practicing the drumset at the first 5 years or so. I may see something different if I keep working on the magic circle and my extra-sense for more than 10 years. Let’s see how goes.

If you can speak, walk, drive a car, cook, exercise, use a computer…. you are able to accomplish almost everything you wish. Of course everyone has different talent and strength, but only practice and experience do make us better with what we want to do.

Again, I tell you that I was not a “talented drummer” but I became a professional drummer with the practice. I’m now hoping to be an experienced magic circle practitioner and a Shamballa resident 🙂



さて先週日曜日はELBF-3が開催され、新しい魔法陣を学びました。講座で毎回言われる事が「場数を踏みなさい」- これはとにかく練習、経験を積めという事です。練習して経験を積まない事には理解できない感覚、境地が沢山あるからですね。











Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session(現在は日本語オンリーです)

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