Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

As many of you know, California including my area has been fighting against devastating wild fires especially caused by 10,000+ lightnings on the 16th.

The screenshot by CalFire

As you see, everywhere in my neighborhood (I live in the Silicon Valley) has currently some sort of wildfires going on, and (sadly) many of them have still so so low level of extinguishment. Since my area is pretty close to the 2 major lightning complexes (SCU and LNU), the air quality easily turns into pretty unhealthy level on a daily basis.

I’ve been updating my magical barrier almost everyday until 2 days ago, then suddenly it became pretty unhealthy level. Well, I was a little tired and didn’t have any reason to go outside on that day, so I took a little break…. honestly, I was a bit surprised (again) how effective the magical barrier would be.

Then, I had a dentist appointment yesterday so that I decided to set the magical barrier for myself.

I normally do it for buildings and lands since they are pretty stable (at least they don’t move) so that I feel a little more comfortable and confident to place the barrier. I know if you are good at it, your magical barrier for a person (or yourself) will be effective more than a month.

Anyways, I did place one with the hexagram before I left my place. The air quality at that time had already reached “unhealthy” level in the entire SF Bay Area and I had to walk (20+ min., of course outside) to pick up a car. As I mentioned before, I was a little worried about my rather sensitive throat and bronchus so that I was hoping the magical barrier would be a little bit more effective than a lucky charm.


A day later, as I’m writing this now, I have not had even one cough or throat irritation since the magical barrier yesterday! I did walk to pick up & my place after returning the car (total 40+ min.) during the “unhealthy” air quality, I went to my dentist and did grocery shopping too. I usually have light coughs when the air quality changes, but my throat was pretty calm and actually remains in the good condition.

Hmmmm, I guess the magical barrier is really a great protection! At least I’m so glad that my throat stays in the healthy condition now. I will keep working on it to see the continuously confident results.











Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session(現在は日本語オンリーです)

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  1. I think the situation in California is not the most peaceful… I am immensely sorry also because I have a strong attachment to that area of the planet… to its wonderful parks, to the coast on the Pacific, but also to the desert areas of Death Valley, Joshua Tree or the Mojave. I have traveled to CA several times and each time has been a new, special discovery.
    In addition to the fires that already existed in 1984 when I lived for several months in the St. Bernardino Valley, now you also have the problem of SARS-CoV-2…
    But it is Gaia who is returning to humans, with the interests, all the pain that humans have done to her.
    Dear Shire, I’ll write you an @mail soon to update you on the Magic Circle. A strong hug and remain in serenity :-)claudine

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Claudine! You definitely know the area (California) pretty well… this is a beautiful place but (as we all know) has been suffering by so many issues…. the wildfire is just one of them. We, people do really need to review and think over carefully what we have done to the land and its nature. I hope we all will start living with the planet after the pandemic. Anyways, I look forward to your Email! Have a safe, healthy and beautiful weekend♡ -Shire

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