Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I’ve been taking a 6-days vacation since yesterday (Friday). I had been working almost frantically last a few weeks + had not taken any vacation hours since the pandemic started (in March) so that I decided to take (almost) a week-off. Well, my plan has already been changed here and there because of the wildfire around my area (I was going to drive around the Pacific coast, but some of my favorite roads & areas have been closed due to the fire incidents).

So far, (my area seems still safer with the great – moderate air quality) I feel really relaxed at home. I’ve been reading books, checking out my friends blogs besides a few magical barriers & magic circle sessions. I’m not so into watching movies/TV series, but may be I should try one or two.

Despite being in the middle of wildfires (+ COVID stuff), I still enjoy my nap time in my comfortable room. I am thankful to everything which has been protecting me.

Hopefully, you all will have a wonderful weekend!!



そんなこんなで、自宅休暇です。元々コロナでの自粛がまだまだ厳しい(州越えで出かけたら職場に戻るまでに14日間自宅隔離必須です💦)ので外出は殆ど考えていませんでしたが、近所のドライブすら通行止めで憚られるとなると、もう自宅でゆっくりするしかない♨️ ←自宅好きなので問題なしw




Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session(現在は日本語オンリーです)

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