Lost & found, again☆紛失物、再び

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So, I’ve introduced the magic-circle on this post which you can find thing(s) you have lost. It is pretty simple yet super effective. I did do it another one today.

Well, I expected to receive a box on last Friday, but it did not reach me on that day. The next day, on Saturday, I checked the online tracking which said “Your box has been delivered.” so that I looked at outside of my door + my mailbox area. It was not there. I thought some of my neighbors might have received it mistakenly, so I did wait the entire Saturday to find the box, and no news & no box appeared. On Sunday, again nothing showed up but I decided to wait till Monday since the post office/ carrier were all off on Sundays and I still expected someone in my neighborhood might deliver/place the box at my building.

The Monday (today) morning, I checked my door + mailbox area again before I left for my work, and I could not find anything. “Hmmmm, I may really have to contact post office about the lost box.” I started thinking about it, and then the pentagram appeared in my head. “Oh, I should do the magic-circle!” So, I did it on my way work (The entire method had done in my head = in Shamballa). I even (imaginary) placed the box in front of my room entrance since the box would a little bit heavy to carry from the mailbox area (My room is located on the third floor).

When I came back from work around 6pm today, yes, the box was placed exactly where I imagined!! It was successfully appeared from the lost dimension 🙂









Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session(現在は日本語オンリーです)

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