Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

The second Talk-Session special will be happening on this coming Sunday, the 9th. This is the session I mainly speak for about 2 hours presenting the method of a magic-circle from Shamballa. Since this is still a practice stage, I do speak in Japanese entirely; however, I would love to start having the session in English as well. When it becomes available, I hope you all will come to check it out (It is absolutely FREE of charge).

I usually do not “rehearse” like a dress rehearsal for a live show I used to do a lot as a musician. I still do create my own plot for the session though, I don’t prepare the scenario. I constantly improvise what I say during the session. To me, this type of talk-session is like a Jazz tune which has a strong theme & chord progression so that I can improvise my own melody within the frame.

I do rehearse in my mind and/or at my class time in Shamballa. I repeat certain section of the session several times with different versions so that I can choose which examples and episodes I would like to present at the actual session. Especially when I do such a rehearsal in Shamballa, my teacher (or my adviser) gives me good opinions and valuable feedback so that I can easily change my plot with more interesting examples.

That’s how I usually prepare for my presentation even in the physical world. By the time of the actual session, I have probably done more than 20 sessions 🙂



今回のセッションは、シャンバラの魔法陣講座「Enjoy Life Basic Final, Part 2(ELBF-2)」というテーマありきで、進行も講座の流れに沿って行いますので、自分のプレゼンテーションはその枠内でいかに講座の内容を取り込み易く、理解し易くするか、が大きな目的となります。実際に参加されるとお分かりになるかと思いますが、内容&進行は全く講座と同じです。それが「こんな解釈もあるのか?!」「ヘェ〜そんなエピソードもあるのね」という感じに広がりを持って感じられるでしょう。




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