Fantasy & realist☆荒唐無稽と現実主義

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

You may not believe me, but I am pretty much a realist, lol. My definition of “realist” is not a person who only focuses on the physical world. That is, to me, a person in a cage or “The frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean.”

Instead, I do live in the 2 worlds pretty much realistically. I’m not interested in seeing a fantastic, star-wars-ish (or any SF movies like) dramatic scenes even though I’ve met some “people” from other planets in Shamballa. Yes, I saw those people called “angels” as well, but… so what? It is like I (in the physical world) see my friends from Europe, South America, and so on.

My lifestyle in Shamballa seems pretty different from what I have been doing in the physical world, but… so what? “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” – That’s exactly what I feel everytime I access Shamballa.

I used to have the exact feeling when I moved to NYC from a small suburban city in Japan. Whatever I saw, heard, felt was all beyond just fantastic in both good & bad ways, lol. It was just unbelievably dramatic and I could not believe this (NYC) was still a reality. So, it is just how you perceive the surroundings as your reality (or not).

In the world of spirituality, you may see the people who always talk about angels, spirits, gods & goddesses, magical worlds but the life in their physical world seems pretty unstable (That’s why such people try to make money by spiritual stuff). I think the people who truly live versatilely in different worlds/dimensions are actually pretty much down to earth. At least that is how I would like to live in the worlds I seem to belong to.









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