Diary: July 9th, 2020

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Today (Thursday) is usually the last day of my super busy 3-days (Tue-Thu) at my work place. I feel like “TGIF!”… well, I do still work at home tomorrow though 🙂

I am usually pretty busy around this time of a year (end of the fiscal year), and this year has actually been far busier than regular years! It is because I have to deal with so many things at work within the 3-days per week. My work place has not yet opened and we totally limit the number of workers so that I should not be there everyday (I still get almost maximum days & hours though). Well, let’s see how goes…

Oh, have I mentioned about my little “taste good (and probably healthy?)” magic before?

It is pretty easy. You can draw (imaginary, of course) a pentagram or hexagram circle underneath the food/dish/pan/pot. Then you should imagine the light (usually your aura color) coming out of the magic circle and make it completely cover the food. Then you should clap once to stabilize it. OK, how do you taste it? Do you feel any difference?

I do this as a warm-up for my magic circle session as well as making the food taste better & safer.

You can read ELBN-3 for the detail. Hopefully you will enjoy the “taste” of magic circle! (It is technically a magical barrier though)!











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