Attracted to discipline?☆修行好き?

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Happy (belated) 4th of July for those friends in the US🎉 I heard so much noise of fireworks until the middle of the last night.

One of my friends who lives in LA usually visits me during the 4th of July holiday weekend (He takes extra day-offs to come up to the SF Bay Area). However, it could not happen this year because of the current pandemic situation so that he sent me a really long Email yesterday.

He basically explained what he has been up to especially for the last a few months. It sounds like he has been going through so so many tough situations regarding his job and projects. He is one of those “essential workers (a delivery driver)” so that he has been able to survive financially but found out recently that his co-worker became SARS-CoV-2 positive. So, he immediately took the test (result not reached yet) and has been self-isolated. He mentioned that his company and the management didn’t seem to be supportive and tried to hide the fact. He said, “I could really see the true character of people around me because of the pandemic.”

He also has a side-, well, this might be his real project… anyways, his another job got into really serious situation which his old boss (the business owner) became really sick and passed away last month without any substantial support. The owner’s relatives live close to her but they didn’t help her at all so that my friend did help her and her business using his own money. Luckily, he now has a good legal support and many calls from the clients who wants the business back asap.

All his stories sound really hard and I definitely feel sympathy for him. But, at the same time, these are the results of what he has been pursuing for. I’ve heard his complaints about his above 2 jobs/projects so many times before. I used to give him many suggestions and advices, but he seemed to prefer staying in the situation (instead of taking a risk to change his way) because they had been providing him the basic needs both physically and mentally.

I’ve known him for more than 20 years by now, and I now know that he prefers such a discipline with small rewards. When I checked on him by “the oracle by numbers (via ELBN-3),” his basic character shows that he just goes his way at his own pace which may causes him being lonely… It’s exactly who he is.

Of course, you can change your own way if you are really aware of your nature and tendency. As I always write here, you usually choose your own way based on who you really are. That’s why it is quite important to figure out who & what you are and how you approach different things and situations. If you really want to do/go a certain way, you should research, study, and keep trial and error.











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