Stability of mind☆心の安定

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

When I was really young, I believed that my happiness would be something to make me feel constantly excited. If I made it as a rock-star, my everyday life would be unusual, exciting and very active which I thought the best way of living in the physical world.

In fact, I have already lived such a way for a long time while I was pretty active as a working musician. I used to go to my practice studio almost everyday after my full time work (= my current job) and came home after midnight. I had a few gigs per month so that I went out many music venues, night clubs & bars to perform our original music. I had many recording sessions and tour experiences which all look & sound like a dream life. There was no “boring” routine life around me. Many activities, conflicts and dramas were always there.

Now, I do not miss that time at all (even though my bandmates would love to start working on some gigs/tours once the COVID-19 situation gets better).

Why? Well, those days didn’t give me any comfort. I never felt relaxed. I always had fears like “I have to carry all my heavy gears.” “Oh, I may not be able to find a good parking spot (for my gear-full of car).” “I cannot go to bed till 1 or 2 am again.” “That guy didn’t show up the rehearsal.” “If I don’t see any audience tonight…” “I don’t have enough time to set-up and break-down my gears” etc., etc. Yes, I always had so many petit negative thoughts going on while I was a working musician. And all those fears were based on all my real experiences. Yes, I played in front of 3 people, I had a vehicle burglary (car window was broken several times), I had huge trouble finding a parking spot, and I’ve seen many many issues with my old bandmates.

However, I can clearly tell you that I’ve done my best and enjoyed playing music a lot. That’s why I am now feeling really comfortable, and my heart is pretty calm. I now feel really happy being who/how I am.

I can safely say that stability (peace) of mind is the happiness I was really looking for. Not an excitement.

When I look at the outside from my window at the end of day, I really feel good and happy to be here in this dimension. I can feel this way because of my all experiences both physically and mentally.








Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session (現在は日本語オンリーです)

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