Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

So, after this fun story, I happily started working at my work place. It was a busy work day so that I kept working until the Zoom meeting with my boss. Everything was just as normal as usual.

At the meeting, my boss asked me, “By the way, did you hear about ‘premium’ for the essential workers?”
I said “No, what do you mean by that?”
He said, “I also heard about this from HR this morning that our essential workers which means you in our department were supposed to receive extra bonus.”
I said, “Bonus?”
He said, “Yep, you will receive more money.”

Well, I’ve been working at my work place for nearly 2 decades and this is the first time I would ever receive such a thing! Bonus?! Woooow!!!

“Jackpot”…. the word immediately came up in my mind. Wait, didn’t I say this word in the morning?! OMG, Oh, My God! I saw “777” on my way work!!

OK, that was another, rather more important sign of the day for me in the physical world (My adviser is laughing at me now in Shamballa). Since that day, I haven’t seen the triple-digit at all, fyi.

Anyways, you can catch such signs, and I believe you will get your jackpot as you become familiar with such signs. I am truly thankful to my guardian spirits, my adviser & friends in Shamballa for showing me such an amazing thing in my world.








Magic Circle TreatmentTalk Session (現在は日本語オンリーです)

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