More signs☆サイン再び

Hello, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I did write about numbers as a sign/signal from guardian spirits, higher-self, or someone from the higher dimensions such as angel numbers and triple/four-digit numbers.

I have recently assigned particular set of numbers to certain people in Shamballa, lol. It is like this (the actual number I’ve assigned is different though): Higher-self = 444 or 4444, Guardian spirit (Nadia) = 999 or 9999, and so on. It is so obvious (by the numbers) that I should be able to understand whose message it is, right?

Well, I have a few really good friends in Shamballa besides my adviser (of course I assigned the number for him as well) who I really wish to communicate even in the physical world. Unfortunately, my clairaudience skill has not been developed as much as I wished, so I asked them to show me the particular number (triple-digit or four-digit) as a message or acknowledgement of them.

So, I started looking for such numbers especially for those days I would go to my work place. I usually find such triple/four-digit numbers pretty easily from number plates of cars so that I thought I would communicate with them while walking through a big parking-lot on my way to work in the morning.

However, I could not find any such number yesterday as my first attemot. It was very strange and I almost thought it could be the sign that they didn’t really want to be bothered, sigh. At the exit of parking lot, I found the track with the triple-digit “777” on the number plate. “Oh, jackpot!”…. well, I didn’t assign this number to anyone, boooo.

After the parking lot, my chance to see such numbers really dropped. No billboard, no car, no number anywhere. Well, I saw some building numbers which were not even double-digit. “Well, today may be not for the signs.” I almost gave up, and then my friend (in Shamballa) said, “Hey, I am saying Hi to you now!”…. what? my delusion has began?!

All of a sudden, I saw a track parking unexpectedly in front of me. The body of the track has the company’s phone number painted… Oh, my, God!! That was the 4-digit number I’ve assigned for my friend!!!! It was really amazing and it did work.

I thought that totally made my day! However, a real message of the sign continued….









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    1. Thank you very much Claudine, for your participation! Hopefully everything will flow much more smoothly… Please stay healthy & safe as well! -Shire

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