Out of necessity☆必要に迫られて

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

“Out of necessity” – that is the key words for me to do something productive… well, it might be everything I’ve done in my life. Otherwise, “I really love to be lazy” which I could be just happy sitting on my sofa and having a cup of tea as I said previously.

My driving force/energy has always been the situation I had to find out some sort of a creative solution. I don’t have many project (both present and past) based on my pure desire. They have almost forced me to start working on regardless of my thoughts or feelings. They always come to me as part of my responsibility.

My computer skills are the good example. All my skills including Internet, Office softwares, Network applications, HP building, Sound/Video editing have all been acquired out of necessity. All the skills are self-taught and I’m still learning many of them out of necessity.

My Shamballa life is pretty much the same story. If I ever treated my life there as only a tool to escape from the “tough” physical world, I would totally stop accessing there by now. I have several important reasons (which are as important as the reasons I have been living in the physical world) being/living consciously in Shamballa.

Life mission is, generally speaking, supposed to be the thing(s) you really love and desire from your soul (such as your hobby). However, it sometimes come out of necessity to some people like me. That’s the reason why I took a long time to figure out what it would be.

Anyways, I am pretty good at having fun/enjoying/focusing on the situations/things which have even given to me out of necessity. That may be the skill I enjoy my life here and there at the same time.









Magic Circle Treatment & Talk Session (現在は日本語オンリーです)

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