Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I have been having some stomach issues since yesterday. It is kinda rare for me to have such a thing without any reason. I think this (please see the below instagram video) might be the reason.

This is called “reading art” which the Japanese artist draws my higher-self and channels the message for me. I already have one which I did get about 6-7 years ago through a live session with her. It was a beautiful goddess-like lady with many many baby angels (It took me a few years to really understand what the message was all about).

Higher-self is the energy and consciousness of our deepest & highest level of dimension (That is the definition in the physical world) so that he/she doesn’t really have the certain figure. When the time of drawing, your higher-self appears with a certain figure (sometimes with different backgrounds, animals, tools and so on) in order to tell you the specific message. You may see some famous Gods/Goddesses/Angels/Heroes because it is much easier for you to understand the current condition, goal and message by looking into them (their characters, roles, meanings can be the message for you).

In this time, she did draw Loki – a god in Norse mythology. You can read the Wikipedia link or may already know the character of this interesting God who can also be Goddess. She (the artist) said “This Loki is really beautiful and super powerful. I believe you have the power and are capable to go through any situations which is symbolized the God’s character as a trickster.”

It actually took one full month to reach me from Japan by EMS (express…). A month ago, I was not even thinking about my new session project at all. Then, what I see now is exactly “on time” stuff. Yes, that’s what higher-self is absolutely capable of.

So, my physical body is currently resetting, I guess, LOL.







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