Secure own world☆自分の世界を守る

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I have been (surprisingly) busy lately at my work. Well, despite being under the Shelter-in-Place order, I have been going to work (as an essential worker) a few days per week.

My job tasks require me to be in such a position which actually has really been giving me so many great opportunities: great exercise time (walking to/from work), plenty of tasks, appreciation by colleagues, quiet & productive work environment (just by myself in the building) and so on. Even those colleagues who used not really to be aware of my tasks now understand and appreciate my sorta importance at the workplace. My recent review & appraisal have been unexpectedly great which my boss pointed out so many good things about my contributions.

It is a little funny to see things like this after (almost) 20 years at my workplace. My small physical world has been even more productive and exciting even though the outside world has been “tragedic” people were describing.

Of course I’m aware of what has been going on in the world. However, that “news” are all coming via Internet or Zoom meetings which I am “NOT” seeing or experiencing in front of my eyes and ears. I don’t mean to deny what news resources, WHO, CDC whatever agencies say, but I am not so interested in having extra fears and negative thoughts based on such news.

I would rather focus and take care of my small but “real” world so that such a feeling of abundance will do spread among my friends near and far which will eventually overcome our current situation.

Hopefully you all will have a safe & relaxing weekend!








「Shelter-in-Place」で我々の人&人コミュニケーションは激減し、人々は基本お互いを避け合っているくらいです。しかし私周りのご近所さん達は、距離を取りつつもお互い挨拶し、子供達に声をかけ、私が通勤から帰ってきた時には「Welcome home!(お帰りなさい)」と声をかけてくれる優しい人達ばかりです。嬉しいな、ありがたいな、と感激するのと同時に、そんなささやかな喜びが周りに少しでも伝わっていけば良いのではないか、そういうのが人の力、エネルギーではないかしら、と思うのです。

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