Focus, not focus☆集中する、しない

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I don’t really think any of you would believe and follow this (and the US president, lol), but there have been many warnings announced by the companies & officials which means that there would be many people who don’t think twice and just follow whatever TV/media (or the president) says. 

This is the time any of us do need to re-think again and try not to jump in just one idea.

There are many ideas/theories/rumors about COVID-19 as well. Some say it is all fake and no such virus has ever been existed. Some say it is all caused by 5G technology. Some say the virus is a man-maid artificial bio-weapon.

Well, some of above might be containing a true portion. However, it is also pretty dangerous to put yourself into one fixed (biased) idea no matter how that sounds truthful and believable because of many “big figures (experts)” have been saying.

You, I and many of us do not really know what has been really going on the world. We all know that most of us are currently stuck in the home and hearing some sort of news about the virus, that’s all. Well, some of you may be suffering from some sickness but not sure what exactly it is.

Let’s keep being informed, but try not be biased. If you hear some dramatic stories/news, please put them aside and rethink before jumping into it without thinking carefully.








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