Timing, again☆やっぱりタイミング

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

First of all, I’m sorry I could not write my blog for a while… well, I’ve been really (REALLY) busy lately. Well, (as I said before) I thought “stay home” “shelter-in-place” thing would give me more time to do my own thing or simply just give me a relaxing (& nap) time.

However, my reality (in the physical world) has been totally opposite from what I imagined before. My work at home has been pretty productive and challenging which I have ended up working all day everyday!  Plus, I became the “essential worker” at my department so that I started actually going to my work place as well.

Meanwhile my activities in Shamballa have been productive as well which both of me have been really fully active. In my case, the current situation has made me more active and productive… so, the timing might be right.

I talked with my hairdresser (in the physical world) yesterday. I was kinda worried about her and her husband since both of them were in the business that has been impossible to keep running during this “shelter-in-place” time. She was actually doing so many projects during the time which would be impossible to be done if the timing was not right. One of them was “moving” which she was planning to move 2 different places at once (One is her house recently purchased in Nevada, and another is an apartment near her salon in San Jose where she & her husband can stay while they work here). She said that everything went so smooth without any stress, and she felt the timing was truly made for it to them.

I was simply amazed by her experience. Yes, the timing… I think the people who have been really true to themselves, things would flow just fine no matter what situation around them changes.










2 thoughts on “Timing, again☆やっぱりタイミング

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    1. ソフィア(ぴっこ)さん、コメントをありがとうございます!詩の紹介をありがとうございました♪


      私も自分のブログや魔法陣セッションなどを通じて共鳴が少しずつ広がり、同じように感じている方々が更に心強くこの世界を生き抜いて頂ければ、と願っています・・・ってそんな大袈裟な事は普段あまり考えていませんが( ̄▽ ̄;) Shireより。


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