Diary: April 1st, 2020

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

As the pandemic of corona virus gets more serious, our SIP (shelter-in-place) order gets more strict. SF Bay Area (where I live) has extended the SIP until May 3rd, and my county put even extra enforced restrictions. I’m not sure how strict that can be, but I’ve been hearing that police officers or some security personnel would be seen around my work place so that any of the people who were not previously permitted would be questioned and kicked out of the campus (could be fined? I’m not sure though).

I’m the only permitted person at my department so that I have been coordinating with several other departments to fulfill our tasks as “essential work.” More online meetings and communications… actually I’ve been talking with people way more than usual.

I have definitely been working much harder than usual (lol) at home and miss my quiet days at my work place.

On the day of April fool, I’m already too tired and sleepy to find cool jokes. If you have any, please share it so that we can all laugh at 🙂








5 thoughts on “Diary: April 1st, 2020

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  1. Dear, I am convinced that this isolation is truly the only way to combat viral spread.
    In Switzerland, everything has been closed down for weeks now. Only basic necessities shops (food), pharmacies, and hospitals are open.
    People over 65 cannot leave their homes.
    The 4/5 of the people work from home, but we who work for the cantonal administration have received shifts since we use “sensitive” computer programs we cannot have the connection from home. I take care of unemployed people, I no longer have personal interviews but everything is done by phone.
    Today I manage more than 200 people, new ones arrive every day and we have no idea what awaits us in one, two months.
    It is panic for many, I try to “detach myself” from negative emotions but it is difficult. I sleep badly, my Shamballa is difficult to reach because of fatigue… And what’s more, the young students in the 4th semester of medicine were also called to help to help at the Covid-19 center hospital in Locarno. And my son in one of them and he lives with us, with extreme precaution.
    Thousands of people die every day in the world, and people start asking themselves many questions… many wonder if it is not the case to stop “trafficking” with livestock or dead animals.
    A wonderful thing, actually, but it will be a great fight as humans don’t want to change their habits of eating “corpses”.
    Be careful too, Shire, even if you are very young, attention should not be left to chance! Never let your guard down, keeping even the “social distances” to the maximum…
    Our trip to NYC is canceled, perhaps in late summer we shall think about!
    A hug :-)claudine

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Claudine! My area in California has been pretty similar to what you have been experiencing in Switzerland. I’m totally aware that people everywhere in the world have been having extra hard time because of this pandemic. Some of my musician friends & those ones who run restaurant business, etc., are in deadly serious situations too. I know I’m one of the lucky ones (for now) which I don’t have to worry so much about my job or living condition so far.

      People are speculating so many, various stories behind this pandemic. Some might be true and some might be just one of those conspiracy theories… at least, I believe and hope that those “bad guys” who have been committed to disgusting, awful, incredible human sins will also be judged and wiped out at this moment. I’m trying to see the path from Shamballa as well.

      Claudine, please stay safe and healthy. I hope we will be able to see this upcoming new era together. Love, Shire
      P.S. I’m not so young both in the physical world (around 50 years-old) and my soul (…. billion years old? LOL)

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      1. And I’m a Sagittarius born on a cold December night (the 17th which is a magical number) of 1959… oh yes, only this one body for this trip, which will endure some few other lives, unfortunately. Hugs and stay safe too, 🙂 claudine

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        1. Thanks again for your comment and I’m sorry to get back to you this late! Well, actually I was born in December and am another Sagittarian. It is now proven that the frequency does vibrate and reach the similar ones 🙂 Hopefully you will have a safe & relaxing time♪ Love, Shire

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        2. Oh dear, don’t worry about timing… in this period we do have some more spare time, but filled with a lot of things to do that normally we don’t! 🙂
          How strange, don’t you think, about Energy making possible to connect us all with the same vibration! It’s marvelous and a concrete proof of the existence of Something Superior.
          I was born on Thursday, December 17th, 1959.
          Hugs and stay safe you too!

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