Distance & connection☆距離と繋がり

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I hope all my friends & my dear readers are doing fine despite of this emergency situation regarding COVID-19.

I’ve heard about this type of pandemic fear by some infectious diseases several years ago by Shamballa, and I thought it was another delusional story at that time. But what we are facing all over the world now is exactly what I’ve heard… well, at least I’m glad this is (so far) NOT a high virulent virus like Ebola. 

Currently, many of you are trying to stay home and keep as much distance from others as possible… it reminds me of the time I was a music student in NYC more than 20 years ago.

When I switched my major from the classical percussion to the jazz drums, I had to catch up so so so many things physically and mentally since I didn’t know almost anything about Jazz. I decided to stay in NYC during the long summer of around 1994 or 1995, and I literally spent my days just going to the school to practice (more than 6~7 hours/day) and coming back home, that was all for 3 months or more.

It was my complete edition of the social distancing. I probably spoke only a few words per week with some people at grocery shops/supermarkets. I was practicing just by myself all day long and was basically passed out at night in my room. There was no internet at that time so that I didn’t feel connected to anyone and I was totally alone.

When I felt really tired and lonely, I went to the Central Park where I could enjoy the beautiful greens, birds humming and activities by many different people. I also visited the Metropolitan Museum several times and saw many magnificent works to make me feel so encouraged to keep proceeding my own path. Such time and memories are now really precious in my mind which I now feel it was really important time for me to get connected to myself seriously.

Now, we are all connected and able to access so many information virtually. When you want, you can access such things as long as you have internet. Physical distance does not really mean you are abandoned by your community. There are so many people who share the same anxiety, fear, depression as you have. This is not like what I’ve experienced before.

Yet you may not be able to feel comfortable for a while. I think, from my experience, this is a great time to look at yourself and connect to you more seriously & sincerely. I hope you will find what you are really like, what you really need and how you would like to spend your life especially once you can survive from this pandemic.

We are all connected within this planet.









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