Before & after

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Last night before midnight, I looked at my desk area very carefully. Since I started working at home, I have been feeling pretty cold. Of course I have tried some exercises during my regular work hours and have been walking around my neighborhood afterwards. But somehow I have been feeling pretty chilly in my room.

Then I realized that my body was almost touching to the window when I was working on my PC with the standing station. Hmmm, I see, I was feeling the chill from the window.

So, instead of just changing the side of standing table, I decided to change the entire desk to face window as you see the photo below (right).

It was a tiny change but totally made my work@home even more productive!! I was feeling more space, comfort, lights, and fun to look at the trees outside while working! It was really sudden, rather abrupt idea came to my mind, but it was really a good one.

(Well, you can see some boxes in the photo which are all my work materials, lol)










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