Life changes☆変化色々

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again!

I was going to pay respect to those who have been affected by the Tohoku earthquake & Tsunami in 2011 yesterday, but I was totally overwhelmed by the changes around my situation at work. Currently, I’m telecommuting (working at home) which I’m sure many of you are also experiencing in the wake of the corona virus outbreak… it is now a pandemic stage announced by WHO today.

This is the first time telecommuting ever in my life, and it is the mandatory thing which was suddenly told us on Monday. For some people, telecommuting is not so big deal but I usually have to be physically at office because of my tasks dealing with so many physical materials. I had been thinking that it would be almost impossible to telecommute for my work.

Now, I’m working at home. I set up my home computer to fit my needs at work, I did bring several boxes full of materials from work to my place, I communicated and had and some online meetings with my colleagues and boss. I did manage my first day yesterday but of course, I was pretty tired.

It is actually pretty interesting experience which I would have never even thought of before. My productivity is actually really higher at home than my work place, LOL. I just like to take the opportunity as a good & fresh learning experience instead of focusing on the things I’m missing.

At least, I am experiencing the new (can be exciting) things which those who lost the lives could never do anymore.

The photos from the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami by NYTimes

I repost this for you all. 以前掲載したものを再掲します。

Source: We♡it

希望は、それを抱き続けることで、痛みが消えるのである(Hold On Pain Endsの頭文字=HOPE)







まぁやることはないだろう、と思っていた事がこんな形で実現したことも面白いですが、去年自宅パソコンを買い替えた時に「こんな上位コンピューター(MacBook Pro)、私には豚真珠💥かもね〜」なんて思っていたところ、こんな形で大活躍!!しまくっており、「いやまさかここでこんな事になるとは😅」と我ながらドビックリしております。前のコンピューター(10年選手のMacBook Air)はまだ使えないこともなかったのですが、あれだったら今の自宅仕事はまず完全にムリ!!💥でしたので、この偶然(では多分ないと思いますがw)には感謝ですね🙏



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