Virtual vacation☆仮想休暇

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I’ve been receiving daily updates from my work regarding corona virus outbreak. It is interesting to see how the administration operates during the sensitive time on a daily basis. They seem to handle pretty well and flexible in response to the constantly changing situations. My area and my work place have not yet confirmed any virus infected personnel yet a few people are currently taking self-isolation procedure. 

Almost all international travels (business & personal) have been restricted and many domestic travels have to be consulted by supervisors & HR. I don’t have any emergency need to go anywhere and I already have been Japan recently so that I’m totally fine not to do any vacation for a while, but I do miss the beautiful beaches and scenery in Hawaii. I would love to smell the sweet flowery air, feel the sea breeze and walk along with the incredibly beautiful sea side.

When I really love to go on vacation but I physically cannot, I try to do it in Shamballa. There are many beautiful areas there as well (It’s also the Earth but in the deep-layered astral/mental world) especially islands & beaches are like those in Caribbean Sea. There are some resort areas including a Japanese ryokan style inn, lol. Ryokan in Caribbean Sea… it may be an interesting idea in the physical world as well 🙂

Hmmmmm, is it time to another vacation (in Shamballa, may be)??








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