Using imagination☆想像力の行使

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

It is pretty interesting to see there are actually many words regarding “You are imagining/visualizing in your mind” such as “Speculation,” “Conjecture,” “Fantasy,” “Supposition,” “Surmise,” “Inference,” “Presumption,” and “Imagination.” I assume other languages also have various words like these in English. Japanese definitely has several of them.

This is because we do such activities naturally. Speculation, presumption and imagination are our natural behaviors which I probably have never seen the person who never did. We have to imagine and speculate what we have done in order to be better & smoother the next time. We often do a simulation in our mind/head when we try to do something new which we definitely use our imagination.

I often hear things like this in Beth’s blog, “I cannot imagine anything, I’m pretty bad at it.” but I actually cannot understand why they cannot do it. As I mentioned above, everyone should use the imagination in order to live in the world…. oh, those people might be living in the different world where no imagination, no speculation, no conjecture ever be required.

…I just cannot imagine such a world, lol. Can you?

I do live in Shamballa which can exist only in my imagination (of my physical body) currently. Neither my physical eyes nor ears can recognize there, but it is always there whenever I imagine. I thought it was just a fantasy for a while, but my actions there (in Shamballa) have totally been influencing me in the physical world, and my speculations there have actually become the reality in the physical world several times.

Our imagination/speculation may be much stronger ability than we actually think it is.










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