Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Have you guys noticed lately that there have been so many scandals, corruptions and political & moral injustices on the media? Even some of the topics which used to be categorized as a conspiracy theory have been revealed as a fact.

“It is the time to be recognized and judged how true you are to yourself” – That’s what Shamballa informed us after the year 2015 (According to them, that was the time to shift/move a slightly up on the Earth’s dimension which was known as “Ascension”).

You don’t have to really believe Ascension stuff at all, but you should still be able to recognize the current situation in the world. For example, the area/places where many covid-19 patients/infected people have been announced will soon be able to contain the deadly spread while the places where the governments have been hiding the truth will soon face to the overwhelming realities (I won’t say where it is though some of you may know).

It is that simple even children can understand the logic. Why do people hide the truth? Political issues? concessions? Yes, the world has been controlled based on the concessions between rulers/governors which nowadays everyone knows. World economy, political decisions, even climate changes have been controlled by certain area of people. I don’t really care who such people are and what they have been doing against other animals and human beings. They are really starting to be revealed and exposed in front of us. No one can escape from the flow as long as we are/live on this planet.

Be truth to yourself. It is the judgement time. Those liars will punish themselves which is called “self-destruction.” You have already started seeing them here and there.









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