Weight control☆ダイエット

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

After I (in the physical world) came back to the US, I (in Shamballa) did take a periodic health check in Shamballa. I do take such a check once every 3~4 month (every a few weeks to a month in Shamballa). Since I have a pretty poor constitution (as I mentioned before) there, it has been required by my main doctor.

Friends who know me in the physical world would not be able to believe this, right?! I can’t believe it either! But this is a part of the contrary reality (reverse phenomenon) between Shamballa and the physical world, and in my case, such condition does affect each other. I wish my great physical condition could affect my astral body more.

Anyways, my doctor has been worried about the thinness of my body and he told me again he wish I could get a little fatter.

Oh man, I would never ever hear such words in the physical world! Oh well, the situation seems more serious than what I think actually. Yes, I’m too skinny in Shamballa and it is my constitution. I’ve tried to eat a lot so many times, but it didn’t seem to reflect on my body. Meanwhile, I can get fat as much as I want in the physical world… sigh.

“Oh, then, if I lose weight and get skinnier in the physical world, my body in Shamballa may get plump…?” My doctor said “Hmmm, it may not be a bad idea.” Really?! Are you serious?!

To be honest with you guys, I (in the physical world) have never done any kind of weight control stuff ever before! Since I was working so hard on the drums, I didn’t need to lose weight (instead, I had to gain weight in many cases). Plus, I don’t like to do any physical exercise (that’s why I was also working hard on the drums as well).

Oh man, ohh maaan!! My new (rather horrendous, lol) challenge has now become another reality… let’s see how goes.










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