Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again.

Last night, I sent a text message to my mother in Japan to prepare for the Coronavirus outbreak soon expecting to be really deadly serious there. Currently, including the numbers of confirmed case at the cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan (more than 350) has already been exceeded the numbers in Shanghai (302 on Feb. 11) and Beijing in China (342 on Feb. 11) where the severe protective actions and treatments have been going on.

As you might have already heard, Japan and its government have been blamed of their extremely poor protective movements including the cruise ship case (You can read this NYT article as an example). Not only that, they didn’t shut out the flights from China in the initial stage (in Wuhan, China), the quarantine officers for the cruise ship even didn’t wear protective clothes which some of them now confirmed to be infected by the virus, there were more than 10 full-marathon & people gathering events occurred all over Japan just yesterday. It is just crazy. Don’t you agree with me, my friends?

Anyways, I sent a text message to my mother to be ready for the severe pandemic situation in Japan based on the above facts. What did she say to me? “Oh, no worries! The number you said is totally different from what we see on TV… it should be over-exaggerated by the US fake news! People in Japan are pretty calm. Yes, the treatment of cruise ship is pretty bad! That’s totally unbelievable what English government is doing! Horrible!!”… the nationality of the cruise ship is UK as you know, hahahaha.

That is what many (especially older) people in Japan have been informed from the government controlled media. While I was there, I could never talk with my parents about the politics and situation in Japan. People who only see the TV and newspaper there have totally been brainwashed in so many ways.

I still hope for many of them to wake up somehow, but what I have seen & hear from my parents, it might already be too late.

As of now, many of them in Japan are going to work by the fully-overloaded trains in the rush-hour on Monday morning as usual. Can you imagine how scary that is?










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  1. Dear Shire, every nation should have a responsibility to inform its citizens quickly, truthfully and by giving appropriate advice as well as providing all the necessary materials to protect themselves (in the specific case of coronavirus).
    But then, as you write, the reality is different.
    I can understand that there is no need to propagate alarmism and frighten people (especially the elderly ones) by creating a real general panic that could only lead to the assault of all kinds of essential material goods (see food, water…) with the risk of having serious disorder situations.
    I have seen several dystopian films, it is true, but I have also experienced a political crisis in Santo Domingo in the early 1980s where people, frightened by the political situation, had stormed the city’s national supermarkets and many other small distributors of basic necessities.
    There was no more bottled water or simple rice or canned beans… it was not nice to see people almost grasping each other by their hair, trying to take from the shelf, the last can with cheap local food.
    Fear is inherent in the human. Fear has many forms, colors, smells… and normaly human beings have a deep sense of survival.
    But as you know, fear is a projection of our mind.
    When we fear something in the subconscious, this “something” begins to take shape in the real dimension…
    We are the projection of our thoughts, and unfortunately, we cannot control them properly.
    I really hope that this crisis, perhaps really escaped from a research laboratory, will not reap the hundreds of thousands of prognosticated victims. Many years ago, when in a dream a young woman had appeared telling me to write and publish her story, I was afraid to do so. But then I followed my instincts and gave birth to Chrysalis Bartók… she said… this is only the beginning: what is about to happen is monstrous, but I’m not afraid.

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    1. Thank you very much, Claudine for your truthful comments. I totally agree with you every word and sentence you have written here. Nothing else I can add 🙂 Yes, we are here to keep moving forward even if the path may make us feel its backward. I’m glad you are here in this dimension, Claudine. -Shire

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