Practically various views☆実地角的視点

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I used to be called “a sloppy & rough mannered person” by my friends & family in Japan. It was true. I was not good at taking care of sensitive, fragile and delicate items. I even broke a glass vase at a shop when I was 10 years old (I had to pay for the damage, of course). I had tried to be careful so many times, but somehow my action was always overpowered, overreacted, and way over the top so that the result was pretty miserable.

When I went to the US for the first time as a home-stay program (I was 13 years old), everyone at the summer camp told me how sensitive and skillful of my glass craft work was. It was the first time of my current life that someone ever said to me I was a sensitive artist. I thought it was because American might be much more broad and rough than Japanese. Everything was bigger in the US so that a small girl like me might look like a sensitive person, lol.

Since I moved to the US, people around me have been looking at me as a detailed, careful, thorough and courteous person at both work and private situations.  I have been thinking myself as the similar way at least organized & sensitive to certain things.

However, when I went to Japan in this time, people around me always said how powerful & wild I was which made me feel like I was acting pretty rough and sloppy American, lol. In fact, my attitude seemed to be always slightly off and over-reacted which (most definitely) might have looked like a sloppy American, indeed!

I also realized that everything in Japan (buildings, trains, houses, rooms, tables & chairs, tablewares, clothes, etc.) was pretty small so that I tended to shrink and stoop my body without noticing. Yes, my physical body and sense did not naturally fit to the country’s natural arrangement. My childhood trauma might have been the same. It was not my natural characteristic but the place I grew up was not really fit my nature.

When I came back to my place in the US, I felt I could breath really deeply. At least my body seemed to enjoy stretching fully. Oh, I wondered why I loved to stay at the hotels in Japan where many foreigners staying. It’s because such hotels usually are built for foreigners’ size (bigger and wider)!

Well, anyways, our characteristics may not be labeled/realized correctly to our nature. Your environment may make us be such a way. Only way to find out is to make us figure out by going somewhere other than our home territory. Especially those of you feel pretty troubled with your own tendencies & characteristics, I strongly recommend to get out there and live somewhere totally different even short amount of time.

I think our views can only be truly reformed when we “experience” the different realities.












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