Timing, timing☆タイミング、それだけ

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Oh well, you must be tired of hearing (reading) my “Timing is amazing!” stories, yeah? Sorry, it has been all about “the exquisite timing and time management” in this week especially. Please bear with me!

I am actually going to Japan in this weekend for some business there including a few gathering events with friends and readers of Beth’s blog. That’s a part of the reason I’ve been a little busy last a few weeks, but I’ve come up with several ideas/projects here and there during the time. I guess it happened because my brain has been revitalized by thinking & acting differently (ie. preparing for the trip).

I ordered several items last week and even in this week via online. One important item (I have to take it with me in Japan) has not reached me yet. I thought I gave the shop enough time to send it to me by tomorrow, but I haven’t heard anything from the shop about the shipment. Other items I ordered (even in this week) all came in by yesterday. It was already great enough since I didn’t expect to receive some of them before my trip. Oh, did I talk about things like this before…? Yep, the doll clothe, lol!

Anyways, I did send a message to the shop yesterday about the shipment. No reply. Well, that sounds pretty… not good. So, I started thinking about “Plan B” which I should go another shop to get the similar item by myself before I leave here. In that case, I definitely waste the extra item and money, but I can still get the similar item I need. I basically have only tomorrow before leaving for Japan so that it’s good to think about alternative plans at this point.

Then (as you all expected, lol), I just got an Email from the shop. They said the item I ordered actually is out of stock now so that they would offer me the complimentary upgraded version! The shop is actually located near San Francisco so that I can physically pick it up tomorrow.

Everything goes well as the flow goes… oh, it is even better. I sincerely thank to the great timing and dimensional operation.

P.S. During my trip to Japan (about 10 days), I probably post much less than usual. But I hope to share some interesting stories there when I have time!










追記:そんなわけで、週末から10日ほど出かけてきます。ブログ投稿が激減、もしくはお留守💥になるかもですが、ご了承くださいませm(_ _)m

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