Action matters☆行動ありき

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

This has been said so many times, but I still love to write about how important our “actual, physical” action/experience is. More I live in this physical world, more I realize the importance. 

When you try to do something new, do you feel the tension in & out of your physical body? Even if you are strong and rarely get nervous, I believe you feel a different sensation when you do something you’ve never done before. I’m pretty easy to get stressed out and nervous (I think it’s because a part of HSP characteristics involved.) when I try to do not just new things but also some different things out of my daily routine. I need extra effort to jump into them, but I’m finally getting used to do and feel a little more comfortable to try things out.

Then I usually realize that I’ve learned and opened the door to the new world. When I started using a car-sharing service (gave up my own car), I was very nervous and uncomfortable to touch & drive those communal cars. After a year, I’m pretty used to it and enjoy driving different cars which my driving technique and knowledge have definitely been more developed. I am no longer afraid of using a car-rental service as well.

I was pretty bad at English as I mentioned before. Even as of today I’m not so good at it, but I keep working on it, writing the blog and speaking with people around me in the physical world (Shamballa as well) on a daily basis. It is amazing to imagine how many people/friends I could meet because of the language! If I didn’t try to write the blog in English, many of you here would never know me. Yes, action really matters.

Because of the internet and great digital technologies, we tend to think we can learn and get experiences without the physical action. You can feel like you are in Hawaii by watching the video and the beautiful digital images, yes? Virtual reality?? Well, if everyone has the most advanced equipment for virtual reality, I’m not really sure what the world would be. But at this point, our actions are the only way for us to let us go where we really want to reach. Can you smell the Hawaiian breeze by watching the video? Have you tried the really fresh Hawaiian coconut smoothies or tasty Luau stew? You don’t know how Hawaiian people actually speak to you, do you? If you don’t actually go, you never know & experience such things.

Yes, I’m trying to do the same thing in Shamballa – where our imaginations become the reality in both worlds.









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