Desire for recognition-1☆承認欲求-1

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♫

As I wrote about this topic in several occasions, I used to have the really, desperately strong desire for recognition.

My dream was to become a famous musician who would tour all over the world and the people would love to listen & watch my performance all the time. I was dreaming to live & travel in a tour bus, play my original & emotional music people would cry for, perform in front of thousands of people. Not just dreaming only, I did work extremely hard to make to it, of course.

My dream/desire was almost shamefully honest as a human. Many people probably have some levels of such a desire, but it may be not as obvious as I used to dream of.

Now, I do not have any piece of such desire. I actually would rather be an ordinary person than someone who gets so much attention. How come I dropped such an obsession for recognition? Why?

I wondered for a while and asked some questions to Shamballa.

[continue to Part 2]









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