Shamballa effect-2☆シャンバラ効果-2

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

There are many people who live far away from their hometown tend to feel really lonely. Many of them even become severe depression because of it. Some of you feel familiar with it, don’t you?

As I wrote this post before, I haven’t really felt loneliness before. Since I was little, I have always felt “I’m alone” no matter who I was with even with my parents.

No matter who I was with, I knew I had to end up being just myself… that was the one and only memory of my soul I (physical body) still remember. Being a loner soul (wanderer), that was my nature and has been my way to exist for a long long time.

I still cry for my late cats (Pepe & Kyara) not because I’m lonely, but I really adore the memories. I don’t really feel like needing them to come back now. Yes, memories are much more beautiful than a reality… lol.

I usually love to stay home by myself, travel somewhere by myself, shop around by myself. For a long time, I have been fine just dealing with myself so that I could not understand why people get sick by loneliness or desperately find a partner just for the sake of traveling/eating out/activities.

One big thing I’ve been feeling since I started accessing Shamballa is “mental/spiritual stability.” When I realized my adviser (or friends) in Shamballa would always look on me, I would not worry much to try out a new thing. I may look alone physically, but I never feel like alone anymore. That “stability” may be the thing/feeling everyone would like to get… yes?

If you can feel/sense your guardian spirits, you may feel the same. But to me, the sense from Shamballa seems more obvious and realistic than those guardian spirits. Well, as you know, my adviser did even come to visit me before with a physical body 🙂

Anyways, since I’m with some people all the time especially in Shamballa, I may not learn the feeling of “loneliness” rest of my physical life….

BTW, the definition of wanderer in Shamballa is:

A soul from outside of this Universe which consists of a different electricity. Because of such a nature, wanderer does not vanish/die in this Universe and keeps reincarnating and traveling planets by planets, beyond galaxies. Starseeds often have the similar explanation, but they are still born in this Universe so that they eventually vanish/die somewhere within the Universe while wanderers may move into some other Universe.










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