Looking forward☆楽しみにする

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I usually catch many news everyday via SNS. Sadly, many of them are pretty disturbing, irritating, unbelievably awful. Political corruption, environmental disasters, terrorisms, so much discriminations in any stages all over the world.

It is easy to get discouraged and grieved at all such unfairness of the society & community. I used to need so much time to switch my feeling from the anger to something more positive. I thought there were too many bad news for me to feel still good about something.

However, there are always good things within such “bad news” we think of.

When I see a corrupt politician, I look forward to seeing more exposure so that he/she cannot stay in the position anymore. If someone does bad things, I look forward to seeing them in front of other people.

I look forward to seeing the world where honest people will get the benefit they deserve. So, I actually do still feel positive about what’s going on the world.








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