Quick dimensional-operation-2☆次元操作、はやっ!-2

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

A few days ago, I did write about my rather “good experiences” regarding the dimensional-operations. I was really surprised how quick my wishes could come true. 

Then, I did write my previous post about how healthy I have been. “Yeah, I have been really healthy. Oh well, I used to have diarrhea so often…” Yes, my stomach was pretty sensitive so that I used to have stomach issues a lot. I’ve totally forgotten about it until I was writing the post.

Well well, guess what (actually you won’t have to guess at all though, lol), I did have a huge wave of stomach pain the next day!!! It was totally unexpected crisis to me. I had a nice, healthy and regular dinner, and my stomach started having a weird pain. OMG! I only thought a little about myself not having any stomach issue for a while! Then this happened… scary!! The stomach issue was just once on that evening only, but it was really tough especially I haven’t experienced it for a while….

The next day which was yesterday, I was going to stay home as an easy holiday. I didn’t mean to be too lazy, but it ended up to be a kind of sick day. I got up and started feeling a little weird, and then I was dull all day. Then I started having a headache in the evening so that I went to sleep by 10pm which was almost too early for me.

In fact, I was thinking about my health a little while after writing my previous post which I was wondering if I would feel sick…. yep! that came true! Thank you very much, myself (damn!). My headache? Of course it’s gone now especially after my dentist appointment, LOL!

Again, your tiny wishes (good and bad) can come true pretty quickly. So please be careful how and what you would like to think about… brrrr











P.S. 今ちょっと思い出しましたが、そういえば次元操作の記事を書いている時に「これって変な事も簡単に叶うってホントに叶うのかねぇ~~?」なんて思っていたのですよね・・・アカンアカン!!

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