Quick dimensional-operation☆次元操作、はやっ!

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

If you are not familiar with the term “dimensional-operation,” please read my post here for your reference. It is pretty similar to “law of attraction,” isn’t it? Shamballa explains it as the frequency matches.

According to them, this year 2020 is so-called “Everyday is the dimensional-operation day!” which means that your desires (good and bad) can easily come true.

This morning, I was waiting for my shuttle bus to go to work. The bus stop is located at the next to a gym/swimming pool for our apartment residents. All of a sudden, I wanted to test out the new key to enter the fitness facility which I haven’t entered since I moved in the new room in July. Well, I haven’t used the key yet so that I wanted to check out the electronic access gate once. “Well, it may look weird…hmmm, oh, my bus is coming!”

When I saw my bus was coming, 2 guys from the apartment’s facility department came and asked me, “Ah, could you please open the fitness area door for us? My key seems not working.” …. what? I opened my key case and grabbed “the never used” key while my bus was getting closer to us. I ran up to the door and touched the entrance pad with the key. We all heard a high pitch tone and the door was opened. 2 guys said to me “Thank you very much” and I jumped into my bus. Oh well, I finally could test out the key even though the timing and the whole flow were pretty odd….

Then I arrived at my work and thought about the current performance of my retirement funds. It was probably because I read some articles about not sufficient pension and tough financial situation among people in Japan. I usually do not pay much attention to my 401k stuff since that fund is “not real” to me at this point yet. However, I just received the performance statement (which comes only every quarter) when I opened my work Email! Of course, I checked it out and found out what the number my funds has been going. What a weird timing…. the second time in a row.

After working a few hours, I started thinking about some pretty clothes for my new doll (you can see it on my instagram). I usually check the doll stuff on Etsy once a week or so, but it is really a hit or miss as you all know. There are so many stuff in the site, but it is really rare to find what you really love. I’ve been lucky enough to find great artists but some of my friends had bad experiences so that they stopped shopping there. Anyways, I quickly ran a random search for doll clothes, and… oh my goodness!! I found exactly what I was imagining in my head (and it was amazingly reasonable price)!

….What a day!! I know I am kinda good at getting what I like, but this is almost ridiculous! Things casually came to my mind all turned into the reality.

By the way, if you think/desire “negative” things, they will also turn into the reality. So, please be careful how and what you think about things in your mind.











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