Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

Today, I found an article which was comparing children’s dream jobs in the 70s and nowadays. There are definitely all-time favorite jobs among children such as dancer, musician (oh, no!), firefighter, astronaut, scientist, actor, and so on. I saw “YouTuber” in the current list (of kid’s dream) which made me laugh. Well, if you saw a great actor/producer/musician in a YouTube video when you were a child, you might want to become one of them, yes?

They name the professions they are familiar with. They might have seen a beautiful dancer at some theaters before, or they might feel a firefighter so cool like a super-hero. They can only imagine their future job by what they have already seen or experienced.

When we think or search what our heart/soul really desires, the same thing will happen as the children’s dream jobs. We can only think of what we already know of.

People can never find out the thing(s) they never know. Of course everyone knows this, right?

Then why am I stressing this here? Because, many of us actually have not done enough experiences to acknowledge what and how much/deep we actually know things in the world.

There are many people in the world eager to find out what they really love, their dream jobs,  and their true life missions. However, they only stay their county, their neighborhood, their small communities which are pretty limited world. Of course choice should also be pretty limited and they probably miss so much more stuff even without noticing. They keep looking and looking, and say “Why can’t I find my dream job?” “I have no idea what I really love to do” “There is nothing great I can find here!”

If you have any complaints about your own boring life, you should look at yourself carefully. You may realize how much you have been limiting yourself.










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