Circumstances of a fool☆お人好しの顛末

Hi, this is Shire. Thank you very much for coming to my room again♪

I bet some of you who read my diary on the 10th would think I was a really fool, yes? Especially those of you who have always been shewed in any matters especially money involved would not believe my choice not demanding any refund from the shop or Etsy, wouldn’t you?

I totally understand your resentment against my so-called “hypocritical” attitude. I used to feel the same way. “I should get my money back no matter how tough the situation would be!” … that was one thing I deeply learned after I moved to the US. Yes, I’ve seen many greedy people in this country (race, sex, age and background are not matter) who were demanding as much benefit as possible no matter how the situation they were in.  In this case, many people would demand for the refund first at the shop or Etsy. If the shop/Etsy refused to pay back, they would sue the shop or the post office.

I’m not interested in such a headache at all. As I said in my diary on the 10th, I did pay for the artist’s effort & creation, not for a “commodity.” I understand the website like Etsy is not a department store where you can storm in with a yell to complain about the items you dislike. If you don’t understand my idea, that’s fine. You won’t have to read this anymore.

Myself and the seller lady had a great exchange of messages and we both did share the feeling of worries, resentments and sadness for the beautiful package I might not see anymore. I would rather make her feel better than demand for the refund. I felt really good when she sent me the really nice thankful message after I told her I would never ask for the refund. I thought our respects and good feelings were really connected no matter how far we were apart in the world.

Anyways, when I came back to my place after work today, I found a box in front of my entrance door. Yep, that was the box from her!!! More than a full month later, it finally arrived. Surprisingly, both outside and inside of the box was really clean and absolutely no damage at all. It looked almost like she just handed to me. Can you believe it especially those of you who live in the US?

That is called “dimensional-operation” in Shamballa. I tell you one thing, “Good honest fools win from now on.”


These are the items in the package including the cute knitted dog🐶










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